Odrive folder gone/recreated after high sierra upgrade?


After upgrading the OS high sierra, odrive folder asked me to login, reconnect my amazon integration, google etc. Completely forgot any settings it had. A bunch of my symlinks are now broken or just outright gone. I assume most of my data has been synced correctly, so hopefully reconnecting them again should do the trick, but … is this the expected behavior?

Also, I had a encrypted folder that is no longer available. I can get the encrypted files back, but how do I go about setting up how it used to be (ie, have that folder be decrypted locally, right cloud vendor, etc)?


Hi @shaiguitar,
I haven’t seen this issue after upgrading and it is not expected. It sounds like the odrive settings folder in the user profile folder was moved/changed somehow during the upgrade process.

Your encryption folders are set at the account level, so you should still see them in the Encryptor folder in the odrive folder, set the way they were before. Do you see those? When you click to expand them you just need to give the proper passphrase so the content can be decrypted.

So at this point after the upgrade it looks like:

odrive or the os upgrade (?) moved my odrive folder to

shai@adsk-lappy ~   % du -sh ~/odrivebackup-2018-01-04-1138
 52G	/Users/shai/odrivebackup-2018-01-04-1138

But the original ~/odrive folder is not present. The odrive application in the tray itself is not authorized with any user. I want to get this laptop working without needing to re-sync all of the various bits of data that are already in that backup folder.

I can:

  1. Not create any ~/odrive folder, and re-authorize to my account, but then I’ll be downloading everything from scratch.

  2. Create/move the ~/odrive folder to be the backup folder which is the pre-upgrade data, and open odrive. In this case, the data is there but the application isn’t authorized, and it doesn’t seem like finder recognizes any of them being odrive-type either. (sync/unsync logo not present).

Is there some workaround to enable this properly? I could, if all else fails, download everything over again but hoping not to.

Any tips on this? If I put the odrive folder there and then authorize the odrive process in my tray icon to my user that was associated to that, it doesn’t seem to pick up any of the files. If I go to a file in ~/odrive somewhere and look at it in the finder, it doesn’t seem to recognize it:

“No Options Available” listed in the odrive section of the finder menu.

If I add a new file into ~/odrive, it doesn’t pick it up either. Is there some command to force-rescan all of these? If it is not particularly fool-proof, I could redownload my odrive data. Please advise.


Hi @shaiguitar,
You should be able to log in, have the default odrive folder created, and then move the contents of the backup to the odrive folder.

Take a look at this post here for more details:

Pay special attention to the encryption caveat too.

The encryption folder is the most important one where I store the majority of the data. Since I don’t want all that data re-uploaded, is there some workaround? Otherwise I suppose better safe than sorry, I’d re-authorize and just re-download my data from scratch.

Hi @shaiguitar,
Unfortunately there isn’t a way to work around this. If you want that data down you would need to download it again. :frowning:

Okay, thanks for the update. To clarify, if I re-download, and then copy over data it won’t re-upload again or will it? ie:

~/odrive/encrypt/ENCRYPT/foo # new download
~/odrivebackup/encrypt/ENCRYPT/foo # older download, more recent file

cp old backup to new download, overwrite ~/odrive/**/foo with ~/odrivebackup/**/foo

Will I then get two encrypted versions in the cloud vendor of foo, or will it update foo appropriately?

Hi @shaiguitar,
Anything you put into an Encryptor folder will end up being uploaded because it will be uniquely encrypted, so the content will be different than what is on the cloud. So if you were to move the contents of ~/odrivebackup//foo into ~/odrive//foo and ~/odrive/**/foo is an Encryptor folder, all of the files would upload.

Just let me know if this isn’t clear.