Odrive folder first set-up. Can I delete the main odrive folder?

I just setup a new computer and install new odrive desktop sync link with exisitng account.

I have terrabyte of files in my existing google drive.
Once the set-up completed, odrive created a folder in my user name odrive and started created file strucutre to sync all folder from my google cloud.

My question: Can i immediately delete this odrive folder? Because I only wanted to sync selective folder and not all my cloud content down to my pc. If I deleted this folder in my user, will odrive deleted by cloud files?

Hi @nashjohari,
You cannot delete the odrive folder. If you do, nothing will work.

By default odrive starts as all cloud files, so it won’t sync anything locally until you tell it to. It will not sync everything down by default, so it is odd that you are seeing this happen. Did you perform a right-click->sync operation on the odrive folder?

Generally, if you want to sync just specific folders: