Odrive files mysteriously deleted

Today we noticed large batches of files deleted from our odrive. We were able to restore them. However, is there a way for admins to see which user deleted them? (if in fact, they were deleted by someone).

Otherwise, were there any issues with odrive today that could have caused this?


Hi @sally,
odrive only reacts to changes in the storage, and to user actions, so it is likely that there was some event that caused this to happen, either user-driven, or on the storage provider you are using.

Can you tell me what storage you are using for sync?

odrive doesn’t track usage, so there isn’t a way to tell, but some storage providers offer some auditing capabilities, so you can see what events occurred within the storage.

We are experiencing files disappearing from certain odrive folders inside our account. These can each be manually restored, but this is extremely time consuming. And the fact that only certain folders are affected is very odd. We have a specific folder structure, and all files inside the same folders have been deleted. This is not user specific, as some users don’t access all of the folders that are affected.

Thoughts? Any way to easily fix or see what happened?

Hi @miranda,
I moved your post over to this thread because I think both you and @sally are coworkers, but please correct me if I am wrong. :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks. :slight_smile:

Is there way for you to easily recover the deleted files on our account so that we don’t have to manually recover them one-by-one? There are a lot. :wink:

I also want to point out that we are using odrive on the Oxygen Cloud.


Hi @miranda - Unfortunately they will need to be done individually, this is something we look to improve upon in the next release!