Odrive Explorer extensions messes with Python tkfiledialog (Windows 10)

After I installed odrive, the following Python (2.7) code doesn’t work as expected anymore

import Tkinter, tkFileDialog

root = Tkinter.Tk()

file_path = tkFileDialog.askopenfilename()

The last command prints the error “Redirecting output to win32trace remote collector”, and nothing is printed to the command line anymore.

I’m using Python 2.7.13 installed via Anaconda on Windows 10.

I do not know how odrive connects to my Python installation, but I know uninstalling odrive fixed the issue.
I can’t have odrive installed as long as it persists, so I will try to assist as best I can with this.

Hi @filip.sund,
This must be triggered when the Explorer-based dialog is loaded, which ends up loading our Explorer extensions. I will take a look and see if it can be adjusted.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I found a bug report for a different program that reports a similar issue: https://bitbucket.org/tortoisehg/hgtk/issues/67/thg-conflicts-with-other-python

And here are two stackoverflow posts about the same issue (the first one is mine):

Hi @filip.sund,
I built a test version that I’m hoping will prevent this issue. Can you test it? https://www.odrive.com/s/ecd41f6f-f8e6-4994-af24-b09112d4ea57-59fcc6f0

The test version seems to have fixed the issue. I get no problems with file dialogs in either Python 2 or Python 3.

Any idea when this can make it into release?

Hi @filip.sund,
We should be able to get it in this week.