Odrive don't upload

Now I think issued from amazon cloud drive because I can upload to one drive

I have sync with amazon

odrive can download but when I create file or paste file for upload. it’s show waiting and syncing switching all night.

I have sync three location

1.My PC it have issued
2.VPS 1 it have issued
2.VPS 2 I sync old file before have issued It can upload ,Now It have issued

This problem start at yesterday

Thank you

Hi @kamieal,

Sorry to hear of the trouble, to further investigate this problem, would you like to provide us requested details below?

  1. How long does it take to switch syncing file to waiting? does it upload some percentage before moving to waiting list?
  2. Please provide a snapshot of the files failing to upload
  3. If you add a odriveTest.txt file into your Amazon Cloud Drive storage link folder root (e.g. /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/), do you see the same upload problem?
  4. Is your connection reliable? any network faults or poor connectivity?

Please send a diagnostic report from odrive tray menu after #3 and mention the time & OS username, I’ll look into it.