Odrive doesn't sync

My odrive has stopped syncing. I put a file into my google drive account and I can see it at odrive web but it doesn’t download to my local folder. On the other hand, I put a file into my odrive local folder linked to google drive but it doesn’t upload.

Hi @noe.acastro,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and give me a couple of paths that are not syncing for you? I will see if there is anything I can identify.

Hello Tony. Sure… I have just sent the diagnostic from the menu. What do you mean with paths that are not syncing?

Hi @noe.acastro,
I would need to know what files you are not seeing sync on both sides. Looking at the diagnostic, I don’t see anything obvious.

For example:

  1. Added odrive/Google Drive/newfile.txt but it didn’t sync to Google Drive
  2. Added newfile2.txt to Google Drive/ via the Google Drive web client and it didn’t show up in odrive/Google Drive/ on my computer.

Hi Tony.

Ah ok. I have just added a txt file (example.txt) into my local odrive accounts:
a) /odrive/Dropbox/example.txt
b) /odrive/Dropbox DCC/example.txt
c) /odrive/Google Drive DCC/example.txt
d) /odrive/Google Drive/example.txt

I can see from the odrive web that the last account was the only synced.

If I select the Sync option in the menu from the local odrive folder, after some minutes I get the following message: Can’t sync odrive. Unexpected error. Please try again later.

By the way. I have done a lot of changes into my local folders in the different accounts (move files, folders, delete them and create them), and I noticed that changes are not reflected in the remote storages :frowning:

Hi @noe.acastro,
I went looking for a new diagnostic, but I wasn’t able to find one. Did you send another after adding the test files? If not, can you add a few more (name them example2.txt) and send a diagnostic after a couple of minutes?

Hi Tony.


I added example2.txt and example3.txt. I sent the diagnostic after a couple of minutes.

Hi @noe.acastro,
The diagnostic actually shows that example2.txt and example3.txt were uploaded to Google Drive successfully. You are not seeing them listed when looking at the Google Drive web client?

I did see some network timeouts to Google and a few rate limit exceptions, which may have caused the previous error message you mentioned.

Hi Tony.

What about the other Google drive and DropBox accounts that I have linked to Odrive? Is it possible that those accounts are synced too?

Hi @noe.acastro,
Can you add some files to those other accounts in the same way, and then send a diagnostic after a few minutes, so I can take a look at what happened when the new files are picked up?

Hi Tony. I added example4.txt to all my accounts linked to Odrive, i. e., odrive/Dropbox, odrive/Dropbox DCC, odrive/Google Drive, and odrive/Google Drive DCC.

Diagnostic is sent.

Hi @noe.acastro,
I noticed something odd with your configuration. There is an inconsistency that will not resolve itself in the app config.

Have you tried restarting the app since you saw this problem? If not, it is possible it may fix the issue. If not, then we will probably need to reset the config.

Hi @Tony,
Yeah, I have restarted the app and my laptop several times :pensive: In fact, I didn’t notice there was a sync problem, so I did many of changes in my local storage since some months ago.

Hi @noe.acastro,
Okay, what will probably be best then is to reset the cache. Perform the following steps:

  • Make a copy of your current odrive folder to another location, as a backup. This step is not absolutely mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Since you have unsynced changes in the odrive folder, I want to make sure we have a backup of that data before continuing.
  • Go to the odrive menu and select “Authorized User”->“Deauthorize”. This will logout the user, rename the current odrive folder to an “odrivebackup-YYYY-MM-DD-HHMM” name and then reset the odrive cache.
  • Go through the setup process and log back in
  • Once odrive fully initializes the go to the new odrive folder, which should now have all placeholder (.cloudf) files. The cache has now been reset.
  • Now, go to the backup odrive folder that was created during deauthorization (odrivebackup-YYYY-MM-DD-HHMM) and move all of the folders inside (your 4 linked folders) to the new odrive folder. These will end up replacing the .cloudf files in there (odrive will remove them when it sees that the “real” folders are now present).

At this point odrive will run through the folders and make sure everything is synced. Let it run (it may take a while) and it should eventually bring everything back in sync.

Hi again @Tony

I followed the steps you told me, but there’s not any odrivebackup-YYYY… folder. But i made a copy of my odrive folder before I deauthorized my user, can I put my backup to the new odrive folder?

Hi @noe.acastro,
That is very strange. There should be a backup folder in /Users/nalecs/

Is the new odrive folder all placeholders (.cloudf) now? If so, yes you can do the same steps using your own backup instead of the auto-backup. It may be better to “copy” instead of “move” in the last step above, to make sure we still have your backup, for redundancy.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @Tony

Sorry, I found the odrivebackup folder in the path you told me. So, I will move all of the folders inside to the new odrive folder. By the way, the new odrive folder has only the file “Google drive.cloudf”, is it ok? What about the other accounts?


I have linked the other accounts from Odrive web. I can see now the other .cloudf.

Hi @Tony

Thank you very much for your help. Now all my folders are syncing!

Great @noe.acastro! Thanks for the update.