oDrive doesn't sync deletions to Google Drive

After deleting a folder in oDrive, I waited a few days, and the folder in my Google Drive has yet to be deleted. All files in said folder didn’t delete from the folder, as well.

It syncs additions, and filename changes, but doesn’t sync deletions.

We’ve got an odrive trash that safeguards against accidental deletions. When you delete an item, we will not commit it to the service until you empty the trash. You can find that in the odrive tray menu.

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I didn’t see the trash menu item for some things I had deleted until I manually ran the “sync” command from the shell menu. This was surprising since the client seems otherwise able to detect changes in files.

This seems to have some implications for editing files with vim in synced directories. I get a lot of “filename (conflict)” files after I write a few times with vim. Not sure what to make of this behavior and haven’t had a lot of time to experiment.