ODrive doesn't sync. CLOUDF stub files are left

I have a file server in Microsoft Azure which has all our files. When we try to access the file share through the VPN directly, we’re able to see everything but it’s quite latent. So we deployed ODrive for the shares from this particular server for users to access. Every user is allocated certain shared folders through the ODrive management console.

When we try to access the files through ODrive folder, there are certain files/folders which are synced and data is visible however, there are certain files and folders which remain in *.CLOUDF format and do not synchronize whatsoever. When we try to, it gives error pointing to the network or the proxy.

Kindly advice.

-Vivek Soni


That sounds like a strange problem indeed. Can you give us a little bit more information about what you’re seeing?

  1. Is it always the same set of files and folders that don’t sync? If so, is there anything particular about the files that won’t download (e.g. the file names, sizes, or other characteristics)?
  2. Are you able to access the files and folders in question through the odrive web client?
  3. Is it possible to send us a screenshot of an example of what you are seeing?
  4. Can you also trigger the problem and then go to the tray menu to Send Diagnostics?

Thanks… we’d like to help you get down to the bottom of this issue.