"odrive" does not work in windows8.1

i have installed odrive in windows 8.1 64bit
but it does not work.

ex~) AppCrash_odrive.exe_4a594867deb4f9b8f41a3bb2fc97523829e143_a997431f_0fdb23b1

i need help~

Hi @neocan2u,

Sorry to hear of the trouble, Can you please follow the instructions here so that we can see if the app is spitting anything out before it dies?

1.Open a command prompt (cmd)
2.Copy and paste the following and hit enter:

cd “%userprofile%\.odrive\bin” && dir

3.The above command will list at least one four digit directory (like 5453). You will then want to use that number in the following command:


make sure you use whatever number you have, if it is not 5453

This will launch odrive. Please provide a screenshot of what you see in the command window after that.


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thank you~
but i don’t find “.odrive” folder

Can you try this instead please:

1.Open a command prompt (cmd)
2.Copy and paste the following and hit enter:


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It has no effect.

Thanks for your answer.

Thanks @neocan2u for your patience and assistance to investigate this problem.

I see there is a problem in executing the commands in CMD, I would like you to simply post odrive.log entries from .odrive folder in case folder is created before odrive processes die in your machine.

  1. Enable “Hidden items” in your Windows Explorer.
  2. Goto C:\Users\이병륜\.odrive
  3. Open “odrive.log” file and copy and past the file contents here.

Your OS username contains Unicode chars which I suspect may lead to the mentioned problem, so I just wanted to confirm this point.

Can you create a new test user account with name “odrive Test” in your Windows 8.1, does odrive launch there?


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Thank you for your quick reply .

The problem is that the computer used by the company.
I 'll test on Monday .
I am very grateful for your help.
I wish to send you enjoyed the weekend.

I am using Google Translate.
So this statement could be wrong , please understand .

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I had a test today.
Windows 8.1 profile was changed from Korean to English .
After that “odrive” was working properly .
all Unicode was a problem.
I am very grateful for your help.
Forward Unicode(korean) also wish to give support.

And hope that you always a good thing. Thank you.

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Thanks @neocan2u, I’m glad you have sorted it out.

Yes, supporting all Unicode chars is in our to-do list but unfortunately there is no timeframe specified when it will be available for end users. We will definitely announce this in our forum whenever odrive app supports it.

Have good time and please us know if you have any questions.