Odrive does not sync deletion of files

I have deleted multiple files from hard drive, and would like odrive to sync deletion to the cloud account (amazon drive).
I see 1330 files in trash in odrive menu, when I click on “Empty trash and sync all deletes” pop up comes up with “empty trash” blue button. When I click on it, odrive suppose to delete files from trash, but it is still there. When I delete a single file from trash it works, but manually doing 1330 files is not feasible.

I use Windows 10.
I did CLI status command - shows 1330 files. and I did empty trash command, and still after that shows 1330 files in trash

Hi @igor.tv,
Are there any large folders listed in the trash?

Amazon Drive’s delete process is especially laborious with folders because Amazon will not delete the items in a folder when a folder is deleted, which means we have to go through every item in a folder and delete them individually.

When this happens, you won’t see the number of items going down because it is treating the folder as a single object.

Since you have access to the CLI, can you run the emptytrash command and see if it returns immediately or appears to process for a while?
Can you also check your Amazon Drive trash (https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/trash) to see if any items are showing up there?

After you run the emptytrash command and it returns, please send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look.