Odrive desktop ( osx ) stuck in "waiting" for a Google Drive that doesnt exist

I have three google drive accounts being synced with odrive, and it’s been working well for me till now.

I tried to re-name one of these “Links” in the odrive web interface. ( I added a few letters to the name , nothing serious ) . After that point, all the bad things started to happen. The Desktop odrive client moved the folder into the trash instead of renaming it. I thought that was clearly wrong, as I didn’t asked for anything to be trashed, so I recovered the folder from trash ( using the odrive menu option that appears for just that purpose ), and then the recovered drive refused to sync. I tried closing and reopening the app a few times, nothing worked, and it tried to trash the same folder again, so I recovered it from trash, and then closed the app. I then went back into the odrive “manage links” webpage, and renamed the “link” on the server back to it’s original name ( sicne it was back at it’s original name on my PC, it makes sense to have it at the original name on the server, yes? ). odrive at this point refuses to sync that folder too, and tries to delete it as per before. every time it goes into the trash, I recover it ( my important files) from the trash, etc.
Eventually I managed to get the PC and server to sync ( back to using the new name again) but I did this by temporarily relocating both local folders ( on my PC) while odrive app was closed, opening the app again, waiting for it to re-create empty versions of these folders, closing the app again, and then copying the contents of the re-located folder/s back into the new-and-empty location… which was weird and round-about… but that fixed my main issue… but not all of them…

Now I’m stuck with one issue left. the client/app is constantly “waiting” for the non-existant Google Drive folder ( by it’s original name) , and is unable to resolve what to do. When I click on the menu item in the “waiting” list, it open the OSX finder to the odrive folder, but the path it’s "waiting for " does NOT exist on the PC or on the server.

oh, and I sent you the “Diagnostics” a few minutes before I wrote this post.

Thanks for the report. I am looking into this now.

any word? I’ve just manually updated my app to 4952, and the fault still exists. I’ve sent a new diagnostic for you just now too.

Thanks. My apologies for not getting back. I remember looking at this, but I think I became distracted in the midst of analysis.

Unfortunately it looks like the local database has developed some inconsistencies. The safest and easiest route it to select Authorized User -> Deauthorize from the odrive tray menu and then log back in.

This will create a backup of your current odrive folder and then create a fresh instance of the odrive cache. Everything will start fresh, in an unsynced state…

I have brought up the chain of events for further analysis to try to code against this in the future.

hi Tony,
Just before receiving your response, I tried the following: 1 - close odrive sync 2 - rename ‘.odrive’ folder to a backup name 3 - restart odrive sync. What it appeared to do then looks like almost the same thing as what you suggested. It made me reauthorise, and it renamed the ‘odrive’ folder that stores all my files to ‘odrivebackup-2016-02-11-1916’, and it tried to “started fresh”. I then stopped the application after it got to that stage, and copied my real files from ‘odrivebackup-2016-02-11-1916/XXXXX Google Drive’ back into ‘odrive/XXXXX Google Drive’ ( which is where they belong, as I domn’t want to re-download Gigs of them ) , and then I re-started odrive again, and it looks to me like it’s progressively gone through all the content that I “put back”, and verified it’s sync status… and I’m now in sync! ( it hasnt synced for a couple of weeks before now ).

Glad you are back in business Buzz! Thanks for your patience.

I have a similar issue. I have 4 files in waiting, they are not syncing back to my Dropbox account. I have not changed any file names or folders, only downloaded the files and edited them.

I was getting a message, “please check your network connection or proxy settings” when I tried to force sync from the finder door down but now the dropdown only has unsync as an option.