Odrive creating .cloud files after moving them


I have the Odrive client for Mac, High Sierra (build 6426), and I encounter the following issue (sometimes):

  1. Amazon cloud drive.
  2. Moving files from “/odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/my_dir” to “/odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/my_dir/sub_dir”.
  3. Sometimes, even though the files were moved successfully to the sub-directory, Odrive created .cloud files in the “my_dir” folder (where they originally were located).

Hi @budowski,
Are you moving placeholders, or files that were downloaded to the local system?

Are you able to reproduce the effect? If so, can you send a diagnostic afterwards with the path and I will take a closed look?

I’m moving actual files, not placeholders.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen on a regular basis (can’t recreate this) - next time it happens, I’ll send out the logs and write a message in this thread to notify you about this.

It just happened - I’ve sent the log files.
I’ve noticed it happens a few hours after moving the files to the sub-directory

Hi @budowski,
Can you provide the path for the sub directory and the file names?

Hi, I’ve sent you the details in a private message