Odrive continually syncing file types which are not allowed

Hi there,

I’m a pro photographer and have a large folder (3tb) syncing with my amazon cloud account. Non photo files (.jpg, .raw) are not allowed with my amazon account but odrive continuously tries to sync these files over and over. I’ve let it run for months but odrive is still trying to sync these files while many jpeg or raw files are still waiting to by synced. Any help appreciated

Hi @Ro_Shaw,
Can you send over a diagnostic (in the odrive tray menu). I assume you have a Prime account without unlimited everything?


Hi Tony. Just sent diagnostic. Yes it’s a prime account for unlimited photos only

Thanks. This is something we are currently working on to figure out a better way to handle “out of quota” exceptions. It is a complicated issue because Amazon has this idea of unlimited storage for only certain files.

We may have an improvement soon though that will prevent infinite syncing of files that are not allowed, as in your case.

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