Odrive context menu & icon missing from Finder Favorites

The odrive icon is no longer available as an option in the Sidebar for Finder Favorites. Also, I’m missing the drop-down menu options.

How can restore these items?

I’m on a MacBook Pro (recent edition), running MacOS Sierra with the latest version of odrive installed (build 5983).

Hi @stephen,
Can you exit odrive then install the latest version from here: https://www.odrive.com/downloaddesktop?platform=mac

Once installed, if the behavior is the same, please check the OS X System Preferences -> Extensions tab and make sure odrive is listed as a Finder extension and it is enabled. If it is, please try toggling it off and on to see if the behavior changes.


Unfortunately, that didn’t work either with build 6002. Any other suggestions?

Hi Stephen,
Can you clarify which things are missing?

For the sidebar icon you can drag the odrive folder over to the sidebar to add it there, if it is missing.
Are you also missing the right-click options on odrive files and folders, or is it something else?
What about the sync icons indicating synced/transferring items? Do you see those?

Can you post a screenshot with some annotations for what is missing. I just want to make sure I understand completely.


Hi, Tony!

I tried the reinstall once more & everything worked.

Thanks for the follow-up! I really appreciated the thoroughness of your support. :smile:



Great to hear @stephen! Thanks for updating me. I’m always happy to help. :wink: