Odrive constantly syncing (MacOSX, icon shows sync)

For the past few days, the odrive infinity icon at the top of my screen shows that it is syncing every few seconds or so. When I look inside the the Odrive folder where I have Box, Google and Dropbox it appears to be syncing random folders that have obviously already been synced without any changes made.

Is odrive doing housekeeping? Should I be concerned with my data and privacy?

My main concern is CPU draw given that I use a 2016 Macbook, not the biggest brain on this computer.

Any advice or explanation would be appreciated.

Thank you!

The next time you notice this, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and let me know what the path is that you saw this happen in? odrive should not be uploading unless something has changed.

On my Mac the same happens about every second. Grayscale odrive icon turns pink for a short while. In the finder I see that odrive icon next to folders in Dropbox during this. CPU usage constantly 10-15%. Started odrive 5 minutes ago. Diagnostics sent.

Hi @ericvrp,
It looks like odrive is just going through its routine full scan of your remote data to pick up anything that may have been missed while odrive was shut down. The larger the structure is, the longer it will take to perform the scan. odrive is reporting just over 8200 exposed folders in your odrive. There are several threads used to try to speed up the process and that adds additional CPU overhead. This also will account for the flickering pink icon.

You should expect CPU to calm down after it is done.

If you unsync areas of your odrive then the impact will be lessened. Our recommendation is to use unsync on structures that you do not need immediate access to to minimize overhead, disk space, and general chattiness with the remote services.

So indeed it stopped using 10-15% when I came to my computer this morning. With about 20000 files I feel my Dropbox folder was rather empty and the extra cpu usage during startup seems way to long. There are time when I have 10-100x this amount of files.

So to me it looks like some more thought needs to go into this.

The real issue is why I had to quit odrive in the first place and the reason for that is that odrive used to much CPU time on average.

P.S. now unsyncing the Dropbox folder but it seems to hang. Perhaps there was another issue with that folder after all. Diagnostics sent…

I have sent another diagnostics file where odrive is very slow to unsync a folder called Materialize which contains some already unsynced files and folders and a hidden folder called .meteor. Why was is so slow (minutes)

Unsync seems to be slower in recent releases. I am investigating.

I think I’m having the same problem. The odrive icon is almost always pink and spinning. If it ever stops, it is only for a few seconds and then it’s spinning again. I do have a lot of accounts attached to it, but most of them are not actually synced to this Mac. I wish there was some way to see odrive activity, maybe like a log viewer or something? Does that exist and I just don’t know about it? Is there some way to find out what it’s doing?


Hi @dan,
If you have lots of accounts, it may be that odrive is asking for changes on those and something is registering. If those areas aren’t exposed on your local system, no changes will be made, but the icon will still spin while it is processing. This same effect can happen when scanning the local system for changes.

If you want to send a diagnostic from the odrive menu I can take a look.

Diagnostics sent.

I do have a handful of accounts, including two SFTP accounts, which are both my own private servers, and there are no changes happening on them outside of me backing something up maybe once per month.


Hi @dan,
The diagnostics don’t show anything out of the ordinary. Most of the activity is the periodic background remote checking to make sure nothing has changed on the linked storage. Some storage sources are more efficient at relaying changes (like the big cloud storage providers) than others because we can ask them for a list of changes. Other sources (like SFTP) cannot be queried for changes, so the checking can be more intense.

In any case, I don’t see anything to be concerned with. We are tightening up the icon feedback so it doesn’t raise concerns like this over routine background processing.

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