oDrive connection blocked

I have users that use oDrive and connect to an SFTP server. When my users are at a particular 3rd party location and connected to their guest or internal wifi, oDrive will not sync or expand folders.

What can I do to determine what is getting blocked, and what do I need to request from their local site support to allow oDrive communication to my SFTP server?

Hi @wh33ln,
Is your sftp server accessible by anyone over the internet? Are your users able to access the SFTP server via the odrive web client, odrive desktop client, or neither?

On the desktop client, the connection would be direct from the client to your server, probably over port 22.

Yes, the server is accessible over the internet. oDrive accesses the folders just fine when connected to other networks. Somehow this particular network is blocking oDrive from syncing or connecting.

Are you saying that this 3rd party network may be blocking port 22?

Hi @wh33ln,
It is possible, if port 22 is what you are running your SFTP server on (standard SSH port). They could have some other block in place too.

Are you users able to browse the SFTP link from the odrive web client while at that site?

@Tony I am using port 27.

Yes, they can browse from he oDrive web client without any issue.

Hi @wh33ln,
If they are able to access via the web browser from that location then it seems likely that they are blocking port 27. You could try running your server on a more commonly allowed port, like 80 or 443 (normal http and https traffic) to ensure that they are not blocking your traffic.

I’ll look into other ports and try some others. I am already using 80 and 443 for other services.

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