Odrive.com URL appears to be misspelt

When I reboot my PC (Windows 11) I get the “Authorize drive” popup.
If I click Authorise odove my default browser (Edge) popups up with this alert saying that the URL has been misspelt as oodrive.com (This is a valid domain name).
Anyone else seeing this?
Is this a bug or just something Windows/Edge is doing?
Not sure but I think this only happens on the first occasion after a reboot.

Hi @nealbresler,
This looks to be something new that Microsoft/Edge is doing. It’s auto-typo detection is erroneously considering odrive.com a typo of oodrive.com.

If you click “Proceed” you can continue to odrive.com. You can also click on the “Report that this site URL is not a misspelling” to generate a report that will hopefully speed-up the process of Edge no longer doing this.

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