Odrive client sync local folder to local FTP

Can I use the Odrive client to sync a local folder to local FTP?

Hi @MvdO79,

odrive has an FTP integration that can be used to sync your local machine to an FTP server. When you say “local FTP”, do you mean an FTP server that is within your local network and not accessible from the outside?

Can you tell me a little bit about this use case and how you want to use odrive with it?

Hi @Tony, thanks for your time.
Indeed I mean an FTP server within the local network non accessible from the outside.

I have a local folder that already (through Odrive) syncs to Onedrive.
I want this folder also synced to this local FTP server/nas so I have a second, local, backup.

Hi @MvdO79,
When linking an FTP server from our link dialog, it will try to connect to it to verify the configuration. If it cannot connect, it provides an option to link anyway, with the assumption that you may be linking a local-only server.

odrive can’t sync one local folder to two different remote storage services at the same time, however.

Ok thanks @Tony, then for that I need an additional program.

I had this same idea. I want oDrive to sync client PCs to a network file share when they are connected. The intranet is not connected to the internet at all. FTP could be used, but it would be cleaner if the sync could use the default protocol used by NAS. I’d also like to know if the oDrive sync client will continue to function properly in a disconnected environment where it does not get to connect to the internet and look for licensing or updates. @Tony?

Hi @photography1 ,
odrive will need to be able to at least connect initially to login and get the storage links. After that it should be able to work with your local FTP server indefinitely, unless something changes (password, for example).