ODrive cancels a file move

  1. ODrive for Mac (prod 6344).
  2. Amazon cloud drive.
  3. I move (not copy) a file from one folder to another (still on Amazon cloud drive).
  4. The file gets moved back to the original location a few seconds later!
  5. This happens sometimes, but when I retry to move the file again, it works then.
  6. Did not notice anything like this before (looks like an issue from recent weeks).

Hi @budowski,
If you are able to reproduce this, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

Now it happened again (sent the report).
Please message me privately and I’ll tell you exactly the filenames.
Also noticed that two weird things happened:

  1. One file was renamed and then unsycned! (meaning, it was uploaded successfully, but then the local file renamed, deleted and turned into a .cloud file).
  2. Another file was re-moved to a different directory (+ had it name renamed)

Hi @budowski,
I’m taking a look at the diagnostic. Can you PM me the file names and paths that were affected?