Odrive blocks internet

Hi. I have problem with odrive and internet speed.
When my odrive is ON, my internet speed is so low that I can’t measure internet speed;
but when odrive is OFF my internet goes to standard speed of cca 25 Mbits download and 3 Mbits upload.
Is there any way to limit odrive upload/download so it does not affect others programs and internet? This is very important question for me because I can’t work like that and I will be forced to unistall odtive petmanetly.

Please help.

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Hi @filipzoricic,
Are you currently performing a bulk upload of your data?
What operating system and version are you running?

During bulk operations, overall speed can be affected. We have some standard throttling, but it’s effectiveness can sometimes be limited. We have advanced throttling options available in the odrive menu under “set bandwidth throttling”. Have you tried those options yet?

You can also stop odrive sync from the odrive menu (the first option at the top - “Stop automatic sync”) to prevent bandwidth use when you are performing other tasks.

Yes, I am performing a bukl upload of data. I am using Win 8 operating system.
It looks like that because it is constantly uploading minimum 10 number of data, it slows down internet.
Because I have free version, “set bandwidth throttling” is always set on “normal” options.
Last advice which you have give me can work for me right now, to stop automatic sync when I am working.
Thank you for fast answer.

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Thanks for the update @filipzoricic