Odrive and ransomware protection

Is it possible to have confirmation of unknown types/extention files before uploading it to sync folder.
at leas is there option to enable on/off that, both for free and paid user.

my computer hit by *.vpsh ransomeware that attact all document, photos, and videos in most of my folder, included my odrive-google drive (drive) folder. This ransomeware attack both offline and online.

the virus manages to hit all files in sync folder and odrive upload the files. Odrive setting is automatic sync.

odrive works very well and shoot at most time.
thank you, because of odrivei . i can have my drive stored files safe.

keep the good workss

Hi @gapmmi.regulatory,
I am sorry you ran into this issue! This sounds terrible and I hope you were able to get things sorted out. At least Google keeps versions of files that you should be able to revert to.

It sounds like you would like more of a “whitelist” option, where you could specify only file extensions that you would like odrive to recognize, is that correct?

We already have a custom blacklist option that could be used specifically for excluding .vpsh files. (https://docs.odrive.com/docs/advanced-client-options#blacklistcontains-blacklistextensions-blacklistnames-blacklistprefixes).

It is a good idea to add .vpsh to our default blacklist, too, so I’ll see if we can add this in an upcoming version of the software.

Hi @gapmmi.regulatory,
We added the .vpsh extension to our default blacklist: