Odrive and Odrive(1)

I deauthorized myself as a user then reauthorized again as some of my folders were not syncing. Now I have Odrive, Odrive(1) . How can and should I get rid of one of these folders.

Hi @dd-snyder ,
Sorry about the late reply on this. I totally missed this post!

What happened here is that odrive tried to rename the odrive folder during deauthorization, but was unable to. When this happens it creates an “odrive(1)” folder so that it can move forward. This will not impact odrive behavior or abilities.

The "odrive(1) folder becomes the new odrive folder and the old one becomes a backup. You can remove the “odrive” folder (the backup).

Odrive has 5G of stuff and Odrive(1) has only 117M. Still delete odrive and leave Odrive(1)?

Hi @dd-snyder ,
Right now the odrive folder is purely a “backup”. odrive doesn’t look at it anymore and nothing inside will be synced. We generally avoid deleting any user data, which is why the folder is just renamed instead of deleted when you deauthorize. This also ensures that you do not lose any files if things were still in the process of uploading when deauthorizing.

It is likely that everything in the odrive folder was already synced and is currently available on your remote storage, so the backup folder isn’t needed, but you may want to double-check.

The reason I deauthorized was because it was not syncing. Example: I click on Odrive, folder headshots, inside folder I see the pictures. Now I click on Odrive(1), folder headshots, I see name of jpg’s when I click they load and I see the pictures. Now I click on C:/, headshots, I see the faded file jpg names, when I click on it I am getting an error message that says Unable to sync Diane 003.jpg.cloud.
This file is not inside an odrive folder.
It looks like my computer folder is not able to pull back the files.

Hi @dd-snyder ,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu? I can take a closer look.

It sounds like you may have had a “sync to odrive” folder setup that you would need to recreate. The path you are trying to download in is C:\headshots? Do you know where you want C:\headshots to point to on the remote storage?

C:\Users\dd-sn\Documents\C21\headshots\OneDrive_1_8-1-2018\Diane Snyder\Diane Snyder

C:\Users\dd-sn\odrive(1)\Amazon Cloud Drive\C21\headshots\OneDrive_1_8-1-2018\Diane Snyder\Diane Snyder

There are other paths as well for other files.

Hi @dd-snyder ,
Thanks for the info.

I think you will want to do the following:

  1. Right-click on the C:\Users\dd-sn\Documents\C21 folder and select “sync to odrive”
  2. Select the Amazon Cloud Drive\C21 folder as the destination

This will create a sync relationship between those two folders. It may take a little bit for odrive to scan through the folders and figure out what is synced and what isn’t, so give it some time.

You can use these same steps for any other folders you may have had defined before.

worked! Thanks! I’ll re sync any others that I find as well.

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I figured out what I am doing, possibly making the errors I am getting. I noticed I am going directly to the odrive to save files and new files. I am not going on my computer. Is there any way to reverse all the files so they come back down to my computer without me having to manually re connect everything?

Hi @dd-snyder ,

Can you explain this a little more. I don’t quite understand where you are going and what actions you are taking. Maybe just walk me through your normal flow?

Are you still seeing “This file is not inside an odrive folder”? If so, can you provide an example path where you are seeing this and also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

As an example, I am saving a new pdf document. When I go to save it, I click on odrive, cloud, documents ,grades and put the pdf doc in there. I am using the odrive path like it was my computer path. If I try to find the grades folder on my computer, it does not exist because I created it in odrive and not on my computer.

Hi @dd-snyder ,

  1. Are you using two separate computers and syncing between them?
  1. Where are you looking for the files when you do this?

You should always be able to find the documents you put in the odrive folder by going back to the odrive folder location on any computer where you have odrive installed.

  1. If you can provide me with your desired workflow pattern, I can recommend some settings. With just default odrive behavior, though, you can always go to the odrive path on all computers that have it installed and see the files you’ve uploaded.

I am only using one computer. I understand that when on a different computer, I can go to the odrive path and find all the files. The issue is, because I am saving things directly on odrive and not my computer, they are not on my computer and I will need internet connection to view files because I have to go to odrive. I think what I need is a way to mirror my odrive back down to my computer. There are files and folders on odrive, cloud that are not on my computer.

Hi @dd-snyder ,
The odrive folder is actually just like any other folder on your computer. odrive just monitors that folder for changes and then automatically uploads them on detection.

This also means that any files you add within the odrive folder should still be available later on, unless you have auto-unsync rules set to automatically unsync files after a certain period of time, turning them back into placeholder files. The synced files will be available even if odrive is not running.

Looking at your diagnostic, you do not have any auto-unsync rules set, so your local files should remain available indefinitely.

For example, in the diagnostic I can see that you recently added the file C:/Users/dd-sn/odrive(1)/Amazon Cloud Drive/Cloud Drive/GRADES/spring2021/fINAL/MAT124D02.pdf. This file should remain available to you on that computer in that location.

  1. Are you seeing that the file is, instead, being turned into a placeholder after a period of time?
  2. Or, are you looking for this file in another place? If so, which place are you looking?