ODrive and computer replacement - Windows 10

I will be switching computers and was wondering how that will affect my OneDrive. Do i need to copy files, folders, etc., to the new computer?
Thank you for your help and advice.

Hi @lbenitez0609,
Since all of your files will be in you remote storage, you only have to install odrive and login. You will then have access to everything and can download what you need on the new computer.

sorry, I actually have an external drive attached to the old computer. does that change anything? are my files local on the external drive or loaded onto the odrive? what happens if my external drive does bad? thank you again for your help.

Hi @lbenitez0609,
odrive will only sync the files it knows about. Is your external drive connected to odrive in any way?

What storage are you using with odrive?

I’m sorry for the late response, we’re using Amazon Photo, and the external drive is 4 TB, and we have about 1.5TB of data. I’ve installed the client on my new PC, do I just connect the external drive? any special config that needs to be done? Thank you

Hi @lbenitez0609,
I am not sure how you had it set-up on the previous machine, but odrive has a “sync to odrive” feature that allows you to sync external folders to the storage of your choice. Take a look here for information on that feature: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-sync#section-sync-external-folders

Hi Tony, Thank you for the info. The external drive was originally configured as per the instructions you shared. Since I am physically moving the drive to the other computer, I do not want to duplicate items on My Odrive because I have to resync the folders in the drive. The data is already on the Odrive. I also do not want to upload and overwrite the items on the Odrive; so how do I resync the folders from th external drive to the Odrive from the new computer? Thank you again.

Hi @lbenitez0609,
When you setup a “sync to odrive” relationship, it will initially merge the contents of the local and remote folders. This means you just have to setup the “sync to odrive” folder the same way you did before on the old system, using the same local and remote folders and odrive will scan through and determine what is already synced and what needs to be synced.