Odrive and Amazon out of sync

guys - I have been using odrive for a while but now my mac and Amazon drive are out of sync.
All files are in Amazon but some folders cant be un-synced on my mac.
i want to be able to re-sync everything with place holders only. I have 200+GB on ACD.
I am on 4871 rel.

If i remove odrive from mac and install again, will it help?

don’t drop me just like this plz. Give me a solution.


You should be able to simply unsync to turn the folder into a placeholder. Are you experiencing a problem with unsync?

When you try to unsync, is odrive telling you some files are not in sync? You can see what files are not in sync by clicking the system icon. Dirty files will be indicated in the “Waiting” or “Not allowed” menu. If you clear those, you can unsync without warning. If you don’t care about those files, you can force unsync. The dirty files will be moved to your trash.

If you want to keep placeholders for every files, unsync the folder and then right-click sync the folder to bring up the sync dialog. Select “include subfolders” and set the download to “Nothing”.

Peter - thx for your reply.
First i need to say that all my files are in the cloud properly.
I cant “unsync” problematic folders. They are here but empty. Trying to refresh doesn’t help. Trying to sync doesn’t help either. When i try to unsync - i get an error telling me “some files are not in sync. Do you want to permanently delete these files and unsync” When i click “delete files and unsync” i get an error "Can’t unsync : error updating the file. No permission"
Once again - ACD has all my files but Odrive Mac folder is out of sync.

I lost confidence and would like a way to REFRESH the complete odrive folder with what exists in ACD.
I don’t need any files or folders but just placeholders.


Hi Giles,
It sounds like the root of the problem is stemming from the permissions issue that is being shown. That is actually caused by an OS-level exception where we are trying to remove the folder but the OS is saying “no”. Very odd.

If you are looking to just convert everything to a placeholder file we can perform reset of the odrive local cache and that will turn everything back into a placeholder file. Before that, I would like to have you look at a couple of things, just to see if we can determine why you are getting this permissions issue, if you are willing.

  1. Open a terminal and cd to the parent directory of the directory that is having the issue. So, if the directory with the permission issue is directory /A/B, cd to directory /A and type in: ls -al
    Please provide the output of this command. I would really like to see if this directories attributes and permissions are any different from its siblings.

  2. Send a diagnostic and let me know the name of one of the directories that is having the issue.

After that, you can reset odrive by selecting Authorized User -> Deauthorize. This will rename your odrive directory and create a new one once you log back in. Everything will be a placeholder file at this point.

OK Tony

Issues are in my Music folder. Here is the listing:
`Gilles:Music gilles$ ls -lsa
total 32
0 drwxr-xr-x 276 gilles staff 9384 Jan 31 16:17 .
0 drwxr-xr-x 9 gilles staff 306 Jan 21 18:08 …
32 -rw-r–r--@ 1 gilles staff 14340 Jan 31 20:23 .DS_Store

0 -rw-r–r-- 1 gilles staff 0 Jan 31 16:14 Lauryn Hill.cloudf
0 drwxr-xr-x 8 gilles staff 272 Jan 31 16:38 Le Grand Bleu - Soundtrack

0 -rw-r–r-- 1 gilles staff 0 Jan 21 15:52 Le Roi Lion.cloudf

diag sent (problematic folder: Le Grand Bleu - soundtrack)

Deauthorized - reauthorized. All cleared now. back in business.
Thx Tony !!


Let me know if this happens again. I don’t see anything unusual that should’ve caused permissions errors on the folder.