Odrive agent version prod 918

We use odrive agent version prod 918 on a windows server 2019 standard … working fine for our uses.
But We just realise that gdocx (and other google format file) are not synching on the server, those files keep .cloud extension
Any idea/help?
Also how to update our version? just replacing an exe file? or complete reinstallation?

Hi @administrateur,
Yes the most recent version should address this issue. You can download it here: https://dl.odrive.com/odriveagent-win

Updating is as you say:

  1. Stop the odrive agent
  2. Replace the odriveagent binary with the new one
  3. Start the agent again

Keep in mind that the downloaded gdocx files are not going to be useful to your users since they are still empty placeholders, more or less. Gdoc files are “cloud-only”, and can only be accessed direct in Google via the web browser. Desktop client users are able to double-click on these files to launch a browser to that file in Google, but that won’t work in your environment.