Odrive Agent Releases (10-02-2019)

We’ve released new versions for the odrive agent and CLI clients on all platforms (Linux 64/32, MacOS, Windows, ARM/RPi).

This release brings thing into line with the recent Desktop releases.

  • Advanced configuration files (odrive_user_geneal_conf.txt and odrive_user_premium_conf.txt)
    • Configure download retry attempts
    • Override size check
    • Block older downloads (prevent older modified date version downloads from remote)
    • Custom blacklist settings (https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-changes#section--custom-ignore-list-blacklist-)
    • Setting to forget encryptor passphrase on odrive exit.
    • Configure max transfer concurrency, including disabling concurrent downloads (download files one at a time)
  • Ability to restore all items from the trash
  • OneDrive: access Shared With Me (and it’s no longer read-only)
  • B2: multipart upload to facilitate larger uploads
  • B2: can be used with application keys instead of just global keys
  • Amazon Drive trash deletion fix
  • Adjustments to OneDrive for Business links and Spaces to improve remote scanning efficiency.
  • Unsync performance improvements.
  • Tweaks to make bulk download operations more resistant to transient errors.
  • Name pattern changed for temporary odrive files (.~o-tmp …)
  • Performance improvements to decrease CPU and other resource utilization.
  • Various bug fixes and general operational improvements.

The new configuration files can be found in the .odrive-agent folder.

You can grab the new versions here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/odrive-sync-agent#section--download-sync-agent-

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