Odrive agent missing features to be used as a professional tool


Is there any chance, to get those in the roadmap ? (by order of priority for us)

  1. Access local files by UNC path
  2. Ability to pause replication:
    .odrive-agent\bin\odrive.exe" pause “\path\to\folder”
    .odrive-agent\bin\odrive.exe" resume “\path\to\folder”
  3. Ability to resume operation when odriveagent is restarted

More in details:

  1. Because mapped drive is a mess when no users is logged in and commands run from a scheduled task
  2. During office hours a lot of files change very often (autosave every 10 or 15 minutes, changes in DBs, etc…). This lead to excessive bandwidth consumption, as all those files will be retransfered several times a day (i.e. powerpoint, drawings, databases, etc… each sizing from 30Mb to 1Gb). Therefore we should be able to pause during the day and resume during the night.
  3. Currently if we shutdown odriveagent and delete some files locally, when odriveagent is restarted it will consider files in the cloud as new files and redownload them.

Thanks for your return on this !

Hi @D_Sec,
Thanks for the feedback! We are taking a serious look at professional use cases for odrive2 (which has a robust command line interface in the works), and this type of input is very helpful.

Would you be able to expand on your current use cases with odrive in a professional setting? How do you have it setup and what types of problems is odrive helping to solve?

Besides the above abilities, what else would you like to see from odrive to expand its usefulness within these contexts?

Hi @Tony,

I replied for the use case by PM.

Now if you want some more on my wish list for odrive2, here’s some ideas that come directly to mind:

  • Native support for long path & file names on Windows (it has always bothered me when coding or scripting). Even powershell is unable by default to read path with more than 255 characters (1).
  • The option to replicate everything by default.
    The idea of the .cloud files is really great for desktop usage but not in (at least) our case.
  • Delta encoding transfer (just like rsync). I don’t know how it could be achieved as it relies on external cloud storage but that would also be great

Thanks !


Get-ChildItem : Could not find a part of the path 'T:\XXXXX\XX XXXXX\04D PO\XXXXXXX PO027
XXXXXX\6.INSPECTION\REPORTS\05E XXXXXX VR001 rev01 XXXXXXXX pre qualification\03 Reference Documents and
At C:\appl\scripts\odriveSYNC.ps1:61 char:11
+       $nb=Get-ChildItem -Path "$DIRPATH\*" -Include *.cloud* -Recurse ...
+           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : ReadError: (T:\XXXXX\04 XX...XXX\XXXX XXX 44:String) [Get-ChildItem], DirectoryNotFound
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DirIOError,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetChildItemCommand
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Hi @Tony,

Just saw that you’re releasing O2 as public beta.
Can it be installed as a service? is there improved agent?

Just went trough:


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @D_Sec,
There is an odrive shell in the bin folder of the current odrive2 desktop release that will give you an idea of how we are fleshing that out. No service yet, but it is something that the product team has their eye on.