Odrive account sync multiple PC's?

Hello, Looking on odrive site I didn’t find any info about this which surprised me.

I want to have one odrive account that is on multiple PC’s.
Will this work?

Are there any special conditions or management techniques that need to be implemented when doing this?

Q1 Yes, it works
Q2 Nothing special for multiple machines, other than knowing that

a) if you update the same file on two different machines, odrive will try to sync both and you may wind up with two copies in the cloud, with at least one marked as a conflict (varies by provider)

b) if you DELETE a file or it’s placeholder on ANY of the machines the file moves to odrive trash, which is just a hidden cloud folder. You can still get it back. If you empty the odrive trash from client, then the file is really gone (except that some cloud providers never ever really delete anything).

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What I have found is that if I create a file or folder on PC1 it shows cirtually staright away on PC2 - great! But if I then delte the fiel or folder on PC2 it does not delete is from PC1 (I have the Set Auto Download – to Always Download , so it is not a cloud copy).

It worlks very well for all other instances where any changes maded on PC1 is changed on PC2 and vica versa, it is just the delete that does not sync - perhaps it is a safety feature but you always have trash to rescue anyinadvertent errors

Hi @ptwuk1,
odrive has an “odrive trash” feature that helps to prevent accidental deletes of your cloud data. Until you empty the odrive trash, the files will not be deleted in the cloud.

You can find this in the odrive menu where you can empty the trash, restore from the trash, or set up auto-trashing rules. More these features here https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-changes