Odrive 6550 Repeatedly Crashing on Mac OS 10.15.3

Hello, all.

I’ve been having a lot of issues lately with odrive sync on Mac OS lately. The same issue had occurred on a previous build of the sync client, but appeared to be fixed on 6550 but has started to happen again.

Essentially, I’ve odrive sync pointed at a specific folder on an external Drobo which I’ve just added ~200GBs of recent photography work into, in order to upload it to Amazon Cloud. The task will start, but will quietly crash at random intervals with no error notification. I will have to restart odrive, and it will work fine right until it quits again.

I’m not losing any data, but it has taken nearly a week to upload a relatively small amount of files because I have to keep my eye on the app, and I can’t let it run overnight because it will quit at some stage during the night.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

Hi @paddymcgrathirl,
I’m sorry to hear you are running into this.Can you check if there are any crash reports generated? You’ll find them in the “User Diagnostic Reports” section of the Console (type console into Spotlight search to access the Mac Console).

If you find any, can you attach a couple here for me to look at?

How often is it crashing?

Does it seem to only crash during active periods?

Thanks for the reply, Tony.

Yes, there are multiple crash reports and it appears to crash every couple of hours. It seems to crash more so during inactivity, but that’s just from observation more so than trying to keep a log.

Odrive Crash Report.txt (227.4 KB)

Hi @paddymcgrathirl,
Can you try installing this version and see if it improves the situation? https://www.odrive.com/s/2fc1f691-79cd-40ca-a54c-29fd5713e49e-5e53f5f5

If it continues to crash, can you send a couple of the new crash reports? I just want to make sure it is consistently the same issue.

I will try that now. Thanks, Tony.

Still crashing, unfortunately. Happening even more frequently as well at every 20 minutes approximately.

odrive_2020-02-25-092011_PMcG-iMac.crash (215.5 KB) odrive_2020-02-25-094130_PMcG-iMac.crash (211.0 KB) odrive_2020-02-25-101327_PMcG-iMac.crash (204.7 KB)

Hi @paddymcgrathirl,

Thanks for the additional reports.

The crash seems to be happening when animating the tray icon, for some reason. We haven’t been able to reproduce it, but this build will remove the animation. I wanted to verify that the crash goes away after that: https://www.odrive.com/s/2ba25a58-f453-4ddb-90c1-021044927152-5e555bcd

We have success @Tony, with the client having been stable since. Hugely appreciate your help!

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Great! Thanks for confirming @paddymcgrathirl

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I forgot to mention this before, but we released an official fix for this and pushed it out to the autoupdater: