Odrive 4901 PRO does not show WAITING files

I am using odrive PRO on a Mac and adding new folders to by synced to my cloud provider, Amazon Cloud Drive. When I map a new folder I expect that the files in the folder, and possible the folder itself, will be shown as “Waiting.” I have added many folders and mapped them to odrive cloud locations, but only one or two files show occasionally as waiting - there should be a few hundred files there.

I have noticed similar on Windows 10 - but both for waiting, syncing, and trash. You can delete files or start syncing, look at the context menu, and neither waiting, syncing, or trash appear. If you keep the menu open for a while (sometimes ~30 seconds), they suddenly reappear.

I can see how the behavior could be a little but confusing here. The key thing to note is that odrive will not scan everything in existence when new folders are selected. That can end up created a very large amount of overhead with big bulk imports. Instead, it will iterate through unsynced folders, processing them in their entirety before moving on. You can get some cases of parallelism across folders, but for the most part you will see this behavior.

This means that dropping new folders and files in while sync is already cranking away in other areas may not show those items in waiting until odrive can get over to that folder and check it out.

So that’s normal, and I should only expect that while I am doing my initial (enormous!) bulk upload into ye olde cloud. Got it -). Thanks!

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