O Drived stopped Syncing eversince Avast downloaded?

Hello there, We have downloaded business avast antivirus and then O-drive stopped syncing. I have checked all setting and went through all troubleshooting but not a success.

Now I can’t see "Sync now " options when we right click on a folder.

What do I need to do? Any change in the firewall.

Hi @ravi,
If you uninstall Avast, does odrive work again? I just want to make sure we are looking at the right thing.

@Tony thank you for the reply! When I uninstalled Avast today, I was getting sync option when I clicked right on the folder.

Then installed back Avast to check again, I didn’t get the option, you can see screenshot below. I am assuming this is because of the firewall because when I turned off firewall I was able to see sync option.

Is there ay specific port that needs to be configured that will allow access?

Hi @ravi,
I did some searching and there are several references to Avast blocking local applications because of false positive detection of port scanning.

You can try the following to disable that: Avast UI -> Protection -> Firewall -> Settings -> Advanced -> Uncheck “Enable automatic port scan detection”.

What is the version of Avast you are running?

You could also try whitelisting the odrive applications following these instructions: https://support.avast.com/en-us/article/Antivirus-scan-exclusions

You would want to whitelist the C:\Users\[Your User Name Here]\.odrive folder. Please note the period in front of the odrive name. This folder is hidden, so you may need to enable showing hidden files and folders in Explorer to see it.

Hi @Tony,

I was on long vacation so could not reach you! I made the changes as per your suggestion, however, still, it does not work. I reached Avast tech support and they say because it changing port every second so, they need port range to set rule for the order.

So, could you please help me with port range? I will check with them again with your provided port range details.


Hi @ravi,
The odrive listening ports for badging and context menus will not change every second, but they do change every time the odrive app starts. It randomly choose ports between 20000 and 65535.

Thanks for this information I will check with you again… if they (avast)can’t help… Also wanted to know how does this go for new odive? I want to upgrade, however, afraid because of this issue… pls, suggest.

Hi @ravi,
odrive2 works in a slightly different way, but still does perform some communication on local ports between processes, so if Avast is blocking all local communication between processes then that would be affected, as well. You could still use the main app for access and sharing, though. It is when you get into the more advanced syncing, backup, backdown features that you would see an impact.

Please let me know what Avast says about this behavior.