O drive unsync, one folder with error

I have a shared space with my accountant. I gave him access to /Accounting (on google storage)

I set up odrive for him and got an error about a specific folder, /Personal, on his computer. I clicked OK thinking that it would mean that just his instance wouldn’t sync and I could fix it later. Then that folder disappeared from ALL my odrive instances.

Thankfully I had an offline backup that’s about a month old but…

Any insight to this issue?

Hi @butler,
Can you answer the following questions for me?

  • Can you describe what actions you took that caused the error to pop-up?
  • Do you remember what the error message stated?
  • What type of remote storage are you using?
  • Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a close look at your config?

The folder disappearing is definitely odd. Even if some sort of exception was hit, odrive won’t delete anything without the user explicitly emptying the “odrive trash”. Even if that happens, most storage has its own trash that you can recover from.

It turns out the issue was PEBKAC related (Well, monitor and chair! hehe) :slight_smile: I didn’t realize the monitor was actually a touch-screen monitor. I must have moved the folder into another folder while I was explaining the structure – I found it when looking to make sure nothing else was “deleted”. :slight_smile:


Hi @butler,
Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you’ve figured it out. Even without a touch-screen, it is surprisingly easy to perform inadvertent drag and drops. I’ve certainly done it myself a few times :slight_smile: