O Drive Client 6497: Can't move large synced folder between clouds

I have a fully synced folder in my amazon drive cloud with almost 8,000 files and I’ve been trying to drag it to my Backblaze B2 folder (I do have writes enabled). Whenever I drag the folder it immediately moves back to its original location under amazon drive. I’ve tried rebooting as well in case there was something simply cached that was causing this to happen and I’ve also deleted .DS_Store files which I’ve seen cause me grief before when trying to move directories but I just can’t get this folder moved. Any advice?

Hi @toupeiro,
odrive should allow the move if everything inside is synced. Do you know if there is anything in the “not allowed” or “waiting” list for this folder?

Try moving it to an intermediate location on the same drive and see if odrive gives a warning about placeholder files. In any case, a move outside of odrive (instead of a cross-link move), should stick and then you can move it into the new location from there.