Not syncing all files in gmail label

I have ~ 6500 attachments in a certain gmail label. They are visible through the web interface, but when I sync using the desktop client, only 27 files sync. Tried changing labels, unsync, resync… any ideas?

Hi @pearsonrs,

Sorry to hear of the trouble, can you please confirm the following?

  1. Is there any illegal chars in your missing attachments? we don’t sync files if it contains illegal chars (not permitted by OS)
  2. Would you like to share a snapshot of some files which are appearing in odrive web client but do not appear in your desktop client?

Please send diagnostic report from odrive tray menu and let us know couple of missing file names including their label name (most probably #2 will answer this) as starting point. Remember to notify me after sending report and OS username.


Hi Asif,

Thanks for your reply! I’ve sent the diagnostic report (btw have same issue on two different windows machines) .
I’ve attached screenshots of local folder vs. web client.

Hi Richard,
Can you try creating a Space on this folder (right-click->Share Storage) and seeing if you can access it via the Space on the desktop client? You can find your Spaces in the odrive\Spaces folder.

In my case, not all types of files appear int he labels, nor in the “Recent” folder. Don’t understand why…

Do you see them in the web client but not in the desktop client? Keep in mind that some files may have illegal characters that cannot be displayed within the filesystem.

You guessed, they also aren’t in the web client. Strange. I’m using windows desktop client, there are also some illegal characters in the windows desktop client?

If you don’t see the files on the web then this could indicate something else. Can you provide an example of something you are seeing in a label in gmail, but not listed on the odrive web client under that label?

Here it goes two files, one from a email at a label with 3 attachments that aren’t in the odrive folder, and the respective files list in the same folder taken from the web client.

odrive label

Thanks, This is strange. One thing I want to make sure of is that you aren’t just hitting some latency while listing the contents. If you scroll all the way up and down the page a few times, does it make any difference?

If you add a couple of new e-mails with attachments to that same label (you can just create some test e-mails to try this), do they show up, or are are you seeing that nothing newer than 6/28 is showing up in that label currently?