Not syncing all files/folders

In Google Drive, I have 2 folders shared with me. I have added them to Google Drive.
1st folder has 11 videos. 2nd folder has many files and it’s own set of content.

oDrive has shown 1st folder. I clicked on it and it started sync’ing and it downloaded 5 videos of 100-150 MB size. It ignored 6 other videos which are 50-100 MB sized.

oDrive has not even found the 2nd folder. So since its not there, I cannot double click it for it to be sync’ed.

I went to parent folder (google drive main folder) and used SYNC option, still it does not sync.

Now I was about to buy amazon cloud drive and integrate with odrive and I am worried because I do not know how many places odrive has not sync’ed in full. Please help me sort this partial sync issue.

Hi @key,
The most common issue for files/folders not showing up in odrive is that they contain a character that cannot be used on the local filesystem. For the folder that is missing, can you tell me what the name is?

For the files that did not download, if you perform the recursive sync on the folder again, do they start downloading, or do they remain placeholders? What id you try to sync one of the files on its own?

Hi Tony,

For the folder that was not detected, I found “/” in its folder name. I removed it, now it works fine.

The the videos that did not get detected, it has just normal names with _ - underscore, hiphen and space. Basically, they dont show up as placeholders. They dont even show up. Its like those files dont even exist.

Let me know.

Hi @key,
It is possible the files have characters that are hidden in some way from the web view. Can you try renaming one of them to a very simple name (like test.avi) and see if that one shows?

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

I sent diagnostic. Please check.
No hidden characters in those folders.

Now as I go in and check, I see many folders and files not sync’ed due to special characters. So how does google drive sync them while oDrive cannot? oDrive has any way to notify us list of files with error so we can fix them?

Hi @key,
I took a look and I see at least one file with illegal characters in it. This file: 4DLeverage Coaching Integration.gslidesx actually looks like this: 4DLeverage \x0bCoaching Integration.gslidesx

It has a vertical tabulation character in it for some reason, which is preventing it from syncing properly. When you take a look at the “waiting” section in the odrive menu, you may see this or others listed showing the error.

Our next major revision will provide a better way to identify these types of files.

Yes, I am aware of this file in WAITING. That is okay, its been there for MANY days.
But none of these other files appear there, which is weird. If this one file appears there, even all the dozens of other unsync files should appear there.

Ok, great. I will look forward for next version.

Hi @key,
For the files you are not seeing as placeholders, can you provide the path and name of a couple so I can can take a more focused look? Did you try renaming any of them to something like “test”, to see if they show up? It may be possible that there are hidden characters. Additionally, if you add a new file via the Google Drive web client or odrive web client, alongside one that is not showing up, does that new file show up?