Not renaming "big" files when using file zilla ftp server

I´ve just installed odrive.
I´ve already setup IFS.
I´m using ftp connection, with ftp filezilla server in the server side, running in a windows 2012 R2 machine.
With small files, like 15 MB everything goes ok.
Ive tested with a big file, 500 Mb, and is having the following problem.
It upload the full file, but it does not rename it at the end of the process, so starts all over again and uploads a new file and so on.
here is a print screen showing this, in the left side is the local folder, in the right side is the server folder.

thanks in advance for your help,


I just responded to your other post related to this. If you haven’t already, please install the latest odrive version:

There were several FTP fixes that went in, and it may solve your issue. If you already have the latest then we can dig into the cause.