Not enough space on Amazon Cloud Drive - Purchased Unlimited Storage

I purchased unlimited amazon cloud storage from Amazon. When I try copying files to the odrive / Amazon Cloud Storage through Windows Explorer (win10), I’m told I don’t have enough space. Not sure how I don’t have enough space if my Amazon account is unlimited.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Hi Randy,
This is a Windows system exception. It looks like you are trying to copy files into the odrive folder, which resides on that system, but your local hard drive does not have enough space to hold those files.

you can unsync some stuff to save space your your local hard drive

So the “odrive” icon in explorer is mapping back to my local drive? I thought that was the aggregated cloud storage… Is it possible to map that to anouther drive/directory all together?

Thanks again for the replies. Its much appreciated.


Hi @Randy_Bender,
If you are familiar with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or some other popular desktop sync clients, you can equate odrive’s base functionality to those. In its basic state, odrive creates a folder in your user home directory that allows you to link in all of your other storage. Like the other guys, you will need to copy in the data that you want to push to your different storage providers into that folder. In your case it sounds like you are using Amazon Cloud Drive. odrive’s Progressive Sync allows you to sync only what you need and unsync the data you no longer need cached locally. In this way you can manage and work with storage sizes that would normally crush the local system’s drive space.

It is possible to move the odrive folder to another location, if you have a drive that has more space available. This option is in the odrive tray menu.

Additionally, odrive has an advanced sync feature called Pro Sync ( that will allow you to create a sync relationship between any local folder and any folder in your storage service. In this way you could point your local Pictures folder to a Pictures folder in Amazon Cloud Drive, for example.