Not enough disk space to move folder?

Hello! I am trying to move my entire Documents folder on my Mac into the Amazon Cloud Drive folder within my odrive folder so that all my Documents stay synced on Amazon Cloud Drive. However, when I try to do this I am told that I do not have enough disk space to copy my Documents folder. Since what I am trying to do is simply move that folder from one place on my Mac to another, should it really be taking any more space and thus even be able to run out of disk space? It’s true that this folder is large (about 74 GB) and that I do not have that much free space on my hard disk (only about 60 GB) if it was trying to create another copy of that folder. But is that what odrive should be doing? Or does it need to make some sort of “temporary copy” in order to move a folder into the odrive folder?

Here’s the message my Mac is giving me:

Thanks for the help.

Hi @papadenooj,
This error is actually completely from MacOS. It seems to think you are copying the data instead of moving it over. I believe this is because Documents is a system default folder, so it can’t be moved in the traditional way.

If you are dragging and dropping you will probably see a ‘+’ icon when dragging it over, which indicates it is going to perform a copy instead of a move. If you want to move your files over, you will want to move the contents of the Documents folder, rather than the Documents folder, itself.