"Not allowed" -> "Google error."

It’s me again! :smiley:
13 items don’t sync (can’t name the file names here, but I’ve made sure it’s not because of illegal characters). When clicking on it (I’ve learned something!), there’s the file name and:

“Google error.”

The files should be downloaded to my drive via Google Drive, but they aren’t because of this message. The rest of the files/folders within the folder including the not being synced items were downloading fine.

Is it because I’ve hit an API-limit within my Gdrive-account? But it’s still uploading fine to it (doing so as we speak), just the downloading isn’t working anymore.


Edit: I can browse my files via https://www.odrive.com/account/myodrive

Hi @Robpollard,
Can you trigger the error again and send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

To be clear, this is an error trying to download the file? So you are able to see the files listed, they just cannot sync (download) properly?
You said you can browse via the odrive web client, but are you also able to download these files from the odrive web client

I did the following: Since I had the files that were not being downloaded on a backup-drive, I’ve plugged in the backup-drive and put the files there, which ofc made the “not allowed”-List go away, since the files that were not able being downloaded appeared “magically” in the right place anyway. In the middle of copying I’ve sent an unsolicited diagnostic your way (sorry for doing that), since I couldn’t reproduce it anymore later.

I’m up- and downloading many terabytes to and from the gdrive and am trying to use some of the drive as a plex cloud server, which may have resulted in a temporary ban?

Glad things are moving again. Google Drive has some of the tightest API rate limits on individual users, so it is possible you were hitting those limits, but the error you stated above reflects a different issue.

Do you know when you sent the diagnostic, approximately? I can take a look.