Nonstop Error Messages (Size mismatch, Conflict)


Ever since starting to use oDrive, it has been accumulating more and more error message. “Size mismatch”…“file won’t sync”…“WARNING!”. Multiple “conflict” files created, when I am the only one editing and saving it.

I’m honestly not even slightly sure where to start on fixing this, because there are so many issues. Is this just the level of capability to be expected with this service? Or is there a place I can get someone to really sit down and help us figure this out?

By the way I am not trying to be sarcastic, cheeky, or rude. I am just totally lost on how to effectively use this tool, and it seems to be struggling to do even its most basic function. Thank you,

Hi @rc1,
We can definitely take a look.

It sounds like you have a couple of persistent issues:

1. Size mismatch
The size mismatch error indicates that the size of the file being downloaded does not match the size that the storage service is reporting it as.

Unfortunately, sometimes storage services will mis-record the sizes of their files, which then fails odrive’s integrity checks. odrive has a final check on all downloads to make sure that the download was complete and correct. When the storage service provides the incorrect size, this check will fail and you will see the error you are encountering .

The odrive sync activity log can be used to gather more information about a size mismatch error.

You can disable this safety check, at least temporarily, by doing the following:

  • Double-click on the odrive_user_general_conf.txt file in the root of of your odrive folder.
  • Change:
    “ignoreSizeMismatch”: false,
    “ignoreSizeMismatch”: true,
  • Save the file

(You are just changing false to true for the ignoreSizeMismatch item and saving the file.)

This will allow any files that the storage has recorded an incorrect size for to be downloaded. This can be changed back to its default of ‘false’ once the problematic files have been downloaded, if you like.

Documentation on the setting

2. Conflict files
odrive has active “conflict” checking and will always try to preserve data in any scenario where conflicts are detected.

A conflict is detected when:

odrive tries to upload a locally modified file and sees that the file has been changed on the remote storage between the time the file was downloaded and now, when it is trying to upload the edit. In order to preserve all data, the local file will be renamed with an appended (conflict) at the end and then uploaded.

The odrive sync activity log can be used to gather more information about a conflict scenario.

Since you said you are the only one editing these files, this may indicate that something is not behaving properly on the storage service (it is not reflecting your previous change or is delayed in its reflection)

odrive has an advanced feature to disable file branching on conflict detection, so that file changes will always upload as an update to the same file:

Next steps:

  • Take a look at the information above and let me know if you have any questions.

  • I mentioned the sync activity log above a couple of time, so I want to make sure you know where to access that in the odrive tray menu. (See screenshot)
    sync activity log

  • You can also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu (see attached screenshot) and I can take a closer look at what is happening, if the above doesn’t provide enough info/answers. Let me know if you do that.