No tray icon on new installation

New user. Downloaded odrive and installed on Windows 7-64 Pro intending to work with Amazon Cloud Drive purchased two days ago. The odrive folder was created and is visible among the Favorites in Windows Explorer. It contains the Amazon Cloud Drive which holds a few files I loaded previously with the Amazon desktop client. I want to move the odrive from its default location on the C drive to a different internal hard drive E: The odrive Usage Guide explains how to do that by accessing the tray icon. But I have no tray icon for odrive in the Windows System Tray or anywhere else I can see on the desktop. So I have no way to access the menu that is pictured (for a Mac) in the Usage Guide. How can I get the missing icon?

Well, I spoke too soon. It just appeared in the system tray 45 minutes after I installed odrive. I was opening something else in the system tray; maybe that triggered odrive to finish its installation. Very odd, but the icon with its menu is now where it should be. I was able to successfully move the odrive folder to the E drive. SOLVED

Hi @deranger2,
Thanks for the update. I’m glad to hear you’ve got it up and running now. Once odrive is installed it should come up immediately, so there shouldn’t have been a delay. Is it possible that the icon was hidden in the “grouping” that Windows does with its tray icons?

In any case, it sounds like you are in business!

Thanks for commenting Tony. No, it wasn’t in the hidden icon area. I had checked all the system tray icons very carefully multiple times, both those that show all the time and those that appear when the little up arrow is clicked to reveal the hidden icons. None had the odrive logo, and just to be sure I hovered the mouse over each one to be sure that the popup text name matched the icon. All were previously installed items and none had anything to do with odrive. The only tray icon having anything to do with Amazon Cloud Drive is the one for Amazon’s Windows client that I had installed when I signed up for ACD. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing in the system tray 45 minutes after installing odrive, but at that time a notification about odrive flashed briefly in the system tray and the odrive icon has been in the hidden icons area of the system tray ever since. I understand that nothing about odrive should take 45 minutes (since I have so far uploaded only a few small files) so I presume something else in the system tray was conflicting with odrive and whatever I did broke the lockup and allowed odrive to complete its normal install. If no one else is seeing this it will probably remain an unsolved mystery, and that’s OK because all is working properly so far.

Thanks for the additional details @deranger2!