No Options Available - multiple folders

I’ve been using O Drive for a long time now but have come across a new issue when cleaning up a lot of files from my Mac.

I have a bunch of folders in my dropbox that I have unsynced on my computer. They are showed as I would expect - with the little pink marker on the file icon to show they are unsynced. If I right click on them, ODrive says No Options Available yet if I double click on them, they will open and the files inside them will have options to Sync showing when I right click.

The problem is that nearly all other folders and files on my computer (both Google Drive files and Dropbox files) have No Options Available when I right click on them. Some Folders will have the option to Sync appear but the folders within them have No Options Available.

Any suggestions?

Hi @jacqueline,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and then provide me with a sample path for a folder experiencing this behavior?, so I can take a closer look?

Thanks Tony. I’ve sent the report.

How do I send the path when I can’t get to copy the link because all the shows up is No Options Available? Do you want the direct Dropbox or Drive link to the folders?

Hi @jacqueline,
You can send an example local path that is having the issue. For example /Users/[your user name here]/odrive/Dropbox/[folder with a problem].

Thanks Tony. The problem applies to pretty much every folder in every drive OTHER than one client’s Google Drive - DG Global. All that content appears to be fine. I’ve included some examples below from each of the various drives.

/Users/jacquelinelarsen/odrive/AWWW Dropbox/Shopping
/Users/jacquelinelarsen/odrive/AWWW Dropbox/Soul Song
/Users/jacquelinelarsen/odrive/AITPM Drive/Branding/Christmas card
/Users/jacquelinelarsen/odrive/AITPM Drive/AITPM Finance/CRM records/Event Registration Reports
/Users/jacquelinelarsen/odrive/TJ Larsen Drive/Choir Resources
/Users/jacquelinelarsen/odrive/TJ Larsen Drive/Shared with Me/31 - Brisbane Sings Choirs
/Users/jacquelinelarsen/odrive/Web AITPM Drive/AITPM Risk
/Users/jacquelinelarsen/odrive/Web AITPM Drive/AITPM IT/PHASE 1 - Scope of requirements

Thanks for the additional information @jacqueline!

Can you please send one more diagnostic when you get a chance to do so and then let me know?

No worries Tony. I’ve just sent one now. Thanks!

Hi @jacqueline,
I’ve been going through the diagnostic, but I don’t see anything that stands out as an issue. What you are seeing is definitely strange in that you can sync these folders, but they are not showing the right-click options.

We could try to reset the local cache to see if that fixes this issue.

Here are the steps to deauthorize odrive, which will reset the local cache, and then copy your existing local data back into the odrive folder:

  1. Deauthorize the desktop client (odrive menu->Authorized User->Deauthorize). Note the user information here so that you can make sure you login with the proper user in step 2.

  2. Once odrive finishes the deauthorization process, it will prompt you to go through the setup process. Log back in as the same user as before.

  3. Once odrive fully initializes, go to the new odrive folder, which should now have all placeholder (.cloudf) files inside. The local cache has now been reset. You should have the right-click options available on all of these folders.

  4. Go to the backup odrive folder that was created during deauthorization. It will be located in your user home folder and have a name like odrivebackup-[current date and time].

  5. Move all of the folders inside this backup folder (your linked storage folders) to the fresh odrive folder. The folder names inside the backup folder and the names of the .cloudf files inside the new odrive folder should be exactly the same. If the are not, then stop here and let me know.

  6. Once you move the backed-up folders over they will end up replacing the .cloudf files in there (odrive will remove the placeholders when it sees that the “real” folders are now present). odrive will then go through everything and determine what has been synced and what hasn’t and reconcile anything that needs to be processed. This can take a while to finish, so you may have to let it do its thing for quite some time. During this time you may see the “No options available” on some folders, but this is expected (odrive doesn’t know about the items until it can finish scanning them).

If you have any questions about the above steps, please let me know. Hopefully this will get everything back to normal on your system.