No Disk In Drive / Missing Drive Error?

I’m getting the following error when my system starts:

But I’m not sure why as I haven’t changed any of my drive settings.
How can I locate which folder is the culprit?
I could well just be dense, but I can’t find where I can view which local folders are currently syncing, and where they’re located on my machine…

Hi @neocrimsonnight,
You can view all of your “sync to odrive” folders in the odrive menu under “sync to odrive” (towards the bottom). It is possible that one is pointing to an external drive that is no longer mounted?

Hi Tony,

Sorry, I was aware of that list, but seems incomplete to me, and it’s also missing the folder paths.

I had it set to sync some directories on an external drive whenever it’s connected (which show up in that list), some were displaying as ‘missing’ (which I’m guessing is normal), but some directories are now showing as ‘invalid’ which seems a little strange. I have removed them from the list all the same.

Are all synced folders displayed in that list as it’s definitely missing some I had set up?


Hi @neocrimsonnight,
All of the folders that have been defined should be listed there. If the path can’t be found it will list it as “missing”. I am not sure about the “invalid” message.

It sounds like you are reconfiguring these, but if you see “invalid” again, please send over a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look.