No blue sync icon

Odrive froze and I had to restart the computer. When I started Odrive again there are no blue icons. How do I know what’s in sync?

And when I clic a file it looks like this:Skärmavbild 2022-08-24 kl. 15.48.22|563x453

Hi @johannes,
Is the odrive tray menu running and available? If so can you send a diagnostic from the tray menu?

Just let me know when you are able to send that.

No its not, I can’t clic the Odrive icon

Hi @johannes,
It sounds like the app installation needs to be fixed. Try the following:

  1. Open up the activity monitor and search for “odrive”.
  2. For any odrive processes that you see, select them, click on the ⦻ icon, and select “Quit” (or “Force Quit”, if “Quit” doesn’t seem to be working).
  3. Once all of the odrive processes are no longer running, download the latest version of odrive from here and install

Seems that the problem remains… I believe Odrive lost connection to my files. When I remove files from my local disk they don’t show up in the trash in Odrive. And right clic shows like this:

And I have to clic Odrive icon many times befor the menu shows.

Hi @johannes,

You do see the odrive icon, though, and can get the menu?
If so, can you please send a diagnostic from the menu, so that I can take a look?

I got this when trying to sendSkärmavbild 2022-08-26 kl. 13.20.50

Thanks @johannes.
This error indicates a network disruption.

Do you see the same thing when trying to send the diagnostic multiple times? If so then this could be the main issue.

Can you send me the “current_odrive_status.txt” file in the root of the odrive folder? This is a local file created when a diagnostic is attempted. It may be able to reveal some additional information.

Everything seems to be in sync now, after the weekend… I can clic the icon and everything seems to be in order. I sent a report to you if you want to look in to it, but it works fine now.

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Hey @johannes,
I missed this earlier, but I’m glad to hear that things are working again. I wish we knew what the root cause was, though. It definitely looked like it was network-related, in some form or fashion.

Hi, I have the same problem again now. It seems that Odrive don’t sync, I can’t clic the icon. I sent you the report…

I got this message now:Skärmavbild 2022-09-12 kl. 16.47.20

Hi @johannes,
Looking at the diagnostic, it looks like odrive is syncing, but you are hitting lots of Dropbox rate limits. You can see this when you look at the sync activity log:

The error message in your screenshot indicates that this is a file that is being reported by the remote storage as a different size than what it actually is. We have a safety check in place to prevent any incomplete downloads of files, but sometimes the storage is just incorrect and has the wrong metadata.

If this error persists on this file, you can temporarily disable the size safety check using the advanced configuration. To set this:

  • Open up the odrive_user_general_conf.txt file in the root of the odrive folder.
  • Change the value of parameter "ignoreSizeMismatch": from false to true (ex: "ignoreSizeMismatch": true)
  • Save the file.
  • Try downloading again.

More information about this setting here