Newbie question about odrive, osx photo library and amazon cloud drive

hello guys,
just found out about odrive and since i’m having troubles syncing my photo library to my amazon cloud drive i have a question, and that is:

is odrive (free) able to automatic sync my photo library to my amazon cloud drive so i don’t have to do it manually everytime i import a picture on my mac?

i know i could find out myself, it’s just that i don’t want to install another app that doesn’t do what i need.


The free version of odrive will sync anything that resides within the odrive folder automatically. You do not need to sync anything manually.

If you want to sync existing folders that reside outside of the odrive folder (using sync to odrive), sync is also automatic, but that functionality is part of the odrive “premium”.

What issues are you seeing?

I don’t think I got your answer…
What I’d like to do is having my photos library on my mac to automatically sync with Amazon cloud drive through odrive (since amazon cloud drive doesn’t have a sync feature meaning that everytime I import a picture on my photos app I also have to manually upload to Amazon cloud drive).
What do you mean by folders inside the odrive folder?

General odrive access and syncing is done through the odrive folder (~/odrive):

Advanced odrive sync can be done by picking a particular existing local folder (~/Pictures for example) and using the “sync to odrive” feature to sync that folder to the storage location of your choice:

If you wanted to always keep your Photo Library synced to OneDrive, you would probably want to use the latter method, and sync that existing folder, as opposed to moving that folder into the ~/odrive folder)

Thanks Tony!
Yes the second option it’s what I’d like to do, and looks like it’s not available in the free version, right?

Hi Gio,
That is correct. “sync to odrive” is considered an advanced feature and part of Premium.

Thanks a lot Tony!
So I need to consider the pro version

Just let me know if you have any other question @gio.panda

Hi everyone,

I am seeking to do the same as Gio, however the iPhoto/Aperture library I have stored locally is >2TB. The iPhoto/Aperture library is actually a “package” that contains all the photos in a convoluted file structure, along with movies (Amazon only allows 5GB of these for regular Prime users) and data files about the iPhoto/Aperture library structure. What I want to know is:

  1. can odrive handle sync of the iPhoto/Aperture package without modifying the file structure?
  2. what will odrive do if Amazon block upload of movie files once I hit the 5GB limit imposed by Amazon?


Hi @aaron1,
The iPhotos library should be okay, as is. My wife has had her’s syncing up to Amazon Drive without any issues for quite some time now. Since iPhotos is such a sprawling mess structure and it can change a lot when running, it can cause some substantial overhead and churn for odrive, so just keep that in mind.

Make sure you don’t have auto unsync enabled, or the library might be unusable for iPhotos until you resync from the cloud

If you are using the unlimited photos subscription for Amazon Drive, you will end up with your videos attempting to upload and then being stuck in “not allowed”. I would recommend springing for Amazon’s unlimited storage, if you have the means, so that all of your stuff can go up.

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Hi @Tony,
Im just starting out with odrive, didn’t even know something like this existed but im liking it! But I am in fact being affected by the issue you are discussing: "you will end up with your videos attempting to upload and then being stuck in “not allowed” " they are also stuck uploading which is eating up my internet plan, anyway to make it stop?? Or is there some kind of rule/preference that I can add so that odrive will only select pictures when uploading to amazon ?? Whats the work around ?

Hi @christianbottome,
Currently odrive doesn’t have a way to exclude non-photo files from trying to sync to Amazon Drive. In the future we would like to add the ability to provide a way to specify exclusions. If you are using Amazon’s Prime subscription on your Drive you will need to move the non-photos outside of odrive’s view, somehow, or else it will continue to try to upload those files, unfortunately.