New ssd reinstall of w10 and odrive - need to point to second drive of storage

My previous setup had os and odrive on boot drive but odrive storage pointed to a large second drive. I am doing a clean install of W10 and odrive to a new ssd but want to carefully have odrive point to to large storage drive. There only seems to be an option to “move” odrive, when I am really looking to simply point to the previous location.


Hi @Thomas_Buck,
Were you using the “sync to odrive” feature previously? That can be used to point a local folder to a corresponding remote folder with the same name and sounds a lot like what you want to do.

You can read more about it here:

If, instead, you had your default odrive folder (named “odrive”) on the secondary drive, you can follow these instructions:

This method uses the “Move odrive folder” function to move your default odrive folder to the existing odrive folder on your secondary drive.

Hi! thank you for sharing the solution. I had the same problem.

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