New setup questions for multi cloud multi pc sync

I’m just trying to set up the following, but from my initial attempt on the “master” pc, things were not going well, so I’ve read a few articles including:

Question 1.
If syncing to both Amazon (pictures) and Onedrive (mainly office365 files and pdf’s) (probably will include Google too), if users (only 2 of us at present, but accessing via web and via desktop and laptop pc’s, so potentially 5 PC’s plus 2 or 3 web clients concurrently active) are editing on local sync’d drives and directly via web browser, the same file will conflicts be reported or saved as copies/conflicts, or will the last user to save “win” and all other changes be lost?

Question 2.
The master machine already has the full dataset that is in all the cloud accounts, is the article above still correct, as all our data is currently in “good” sync?
Part b:
How do you set up the initial sync to only pull down place holders, every time I’ve tried it defaults to “full files” which would take an age (300gb+ on each service)?

Question 3.
For the slave machines, that currently have partial sub sets of data, but we want access to all placeholders and only those files that in effect they already have, can we use the above method, and will it automatically select the files we move into the odrive file structure to be “offline” … and then we can go through and unselect those files we feel are not needed offline, to allow reversion to placeholders? (saving local space - but giving access to the FULL odrive file system (ie all of onedrive and amazon).

Question 4.
Does this multi editing multi cloud set up have any issues in Beta verse old odrive? What risks are we going to encounter and what steps should be take or precautions / working practices have in place?

  • ie if a user on a train to the airport edits a file, it fails to sync, they go off for 2 weeks, the file is edited multiple times while they are away … they get back, open the file still in editing mode, do a bit more, and save it, will the system flag the conflicts?

thanks in advance

Hi @richard3,

odrive has conflict detection. In a case where a conflict is detected, it will save the conflicting file as “filename (conflict).extension”. Additionally, OneDrive supports file versioning, so if you end up mistakenly overwriting a file you can go to the file versions via the OneDrive web client and restore a previous version (up to 30 days).

If odrive is idle and showing the greenish checkmarks on the folders, then you should be all in sync.

If you right-click on the folder you can select the sync options for that folder. To show only placeholders you would:

  • slide the slider all the way to the left for nothing (indicating your size threshold for download is 0)
  • check the “Include Subfolders” checkbox
    -click on the big sync button

odrive defaults to all placeholders, so any files you haven’t chosen to download will remain that way until you explicitly sync them or have setup rules that override this behavior (see

Local “real” files will remain local unless you unsync them, or setup auto-unsync rules to automatically unsync files after a certain period of time (accessed from the odrive menu).

Both clients will handle conflicts. odrive1 handles them automatically by preserving both. The beta client handles conflicts a bit differently, in that it will ask you what you want to do with the conflict.