New Org users - notifications

when I add a member to my org. Do they get a notification to join Odrive?

Hi @yakeline.torres,
Yes. They receive an invitation email.

For reference here is a quick guide on the easiest flow for getting folks onboarded:

For the Org admin to add new members:

  1. Navigate to your Org here: odrive | Sign in
  2. Once you click into your Org, click on “+Add Member”
  3. Enter a comma-separated list of the users you want to invite to your Org and then click on “Add members to Org”
  4. This will send an invitation out to each of the invited e-mails. The e-mail will be sent from

For an invited user to become a member of the Org:

  1. If they have not already, the user should first sign-up/login to odrive using their Procore login here: odrive | Sign in
  2. Once logged-in, they then click on the invitation link in the Org invitation e-mail that was received.
  3. They will be brought to an Org invitation confirmation page, with a button to accept. Once they click that button, they should be all set.

Great !!! This is very helpful
Thank you

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