New folders not Syncing

I use odrive to keep files synced between 2 Mac computers. Has been working great for couple years until past week or so 1 computer will not sync NEW folders. If I put a folder in an old folder it syncs but not as a new folder. The other computer is working fine. I think I might can fix by right clicking on the higher folder and clicking sync, but my concern is I have unsynced a good amount of data and it I hit the sync button again will it resync all the unsynced data?

Hi @wpcrumbley,
Can you create another folder and send a diagnostic from the odrive menu once you see that the folder is not syncing? Can you also provide me with the name of the folder that you tested with?

Sorry for delay. I created a folder “a test” and it is not syncing. I sent a diagnose report. The “a test” folder is under google drive/tv backup

It seems to sync when I put the new folder under other folders, it seems not to sync only under “tv backup” folder. All other computers seems to work ok

To clarify further, if I put the “a test” folder directly under “tv back-up” folder it will not sync but if I put it inside a folder already in “tv back-up” it will sync. So basically I can not create new folders under tv back-up but existing folders are fine

Hi @wpcrumbley,
I took a look at it looks like there is an inconsistency in the local tracking database. I believe this is causing this issue. This can happen if there are issues writing the the database or completing writes (running out of disk space, sudden loss of power on the system, bad sectors on the drive, etc…). The best way to resolve this is the reset the local cache/database and then re-target your odrive data.

It looks like you have the default odrive folder on an external volume (NAS), which is not an officially supported configuration, but we can still go through the reset steps.

Here are the steps to deauthorize odrive, which will reset the local cache, and then target your local data again:

  1. Deauthorize the desktop client (odrive menu->Authorized User->Deauthorize). Note the user information here so that you can make sure you login with the proper user in step 2.

  2. Once odrive finishes the deauthorization process, it will prompt you to go through the setup process. Log back in as the same user as before.

  3. Once odrive fully initializes, go to the new odrive folder, in its default location, which should now have all placeholder (.cloudf) files inside. The local cache has now been reset.

  4. Go to the backup odrive folder that was created during deauthorization. It will be located in /Volumes/Drobo Top/ and have a name like odrivebackup-[current date and time].

  5. Rename the odrivebackup folder back to just odrive.

  6. Use the “Move odrive folder” option in the odrive menu to move the odrive folder back to your original location Volumes/Drobo Top/odrive.

  7. odrive will then go through everything and determine what has been synced and what hasn’t and reconcile anything that needs to be processed. This can take a while to finish, so you may have to let it do its thing for quite some time.

Let me know if you have any questions about the above steps.

it is still going thru process but it looks like that fixed. thanks

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Thanks for confirming @wpcrumbley!