New folders not syncing to ACD Unlimited

I have hundreds of folders of pictures synced (copied to) Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited (ACDU). Everything has worked fine for many months. I have not joined the Premium program yet.

I just installed Desktop update 5421 on my iMac. Then I copied 12 folders to be under the Odrive folder, just like the other older 100+ folders there and waited for them to start to Sync to ACDU.

None of these folders or files were uploaded to ACDU. No little symbols (badging) appeared after my folder names to indicate anything was happening. I tried right clicking on one of the copied folders and clicking on 'sync", download nothing & include subfolders - nothing. I tried right click on a folder then clicking on 'Refresh" - more nothing.

Am I doing something wrong or has the app change? Are there any ideas why new folders under the Odrive folder are not getting uploaded to ACDU?

BTW I do not keep my Picture folders under the Odrive folder because Adobe C 2015 and Lightroom have specific places to store their files if you want them to ‘play nice’. So I copy the folder under Odrive, sync then to ACDU then ‘unsync’ them to reclaim the HDD space. This just created a backup of the files, which is not to bad, as my major program, Lightroom, does not modify the actual picture file anyway; it just records the operations you do on the files in it’s catalog.

I suppose a Premium program with Odrive would solve this problem if it all is working as I understand it should.


Hi @DrBob,

Sorry to hear about the issue you are facing to sync your folders. I believe you have copied your folders / files under /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive source folder in your desktop, if so then it should sync these items without any issue; from your desktop to source (e.g. Amazon Cloud Drive). To better understand the problem can you please answer the following questions:

  1. Does re-launch odrive app makes any difference?
  2. By any chance, is odrive syncing files in other path / sources? It may take some time to pick up and sync your new folders after finishing previous sync job.
  3. If you open odrive tray menu, do you see your folders / files in Syncing / Waiting / Not Allowed lists?
  4. Can you take a snapshot of the parent folder in which your new folders are not getting synced? Please also provide full path / location of your parent folder. I need to look at the folder / file names to ensure it meets the sync rules.
  5. If you add odriveTest.txt file into your /odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive folder does it sync to remote?

I would like to look at the diagnostic report after #5, please send it from odrive tray menu but make sure to mention your OS username and timestamp when it was sent.


Well, there is no difference between free plan vs. premium plan when it comes to syncing your files from desktop to source (except #4). We provide similar capabilities to both users but with premium plan user gets more advance features which includes:

  1. Ability to unsync your files to free up / claim more disk space.
  2. Ability to set auto-download limit
  3. Ability to set auto-unsync files
  4. Ability to set bandwidth throttling
  5. Ability to set auto-empty trash
  6. Ability to mount external folders and sync it to any source in odrive.
  7. Ability to encryption your files / folders.
  8. Ability to set sync folder rules (right-click --> sync (Save and apply to new files and folders))

Definitely, we will love to see you as our premium user, if you think premium features will add more value to your sync experience and the way you handle your files / folders =)

Our primary goal is user satisfaction and great odrive experience, so we have introduced refund policy. You can get a full refund anytime up to 30 days after your purchase.

Please learn more about the premium features here:

Please learn more about the odrive here:


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Hi AsifNisarr,

To answer your 5 points:

  1. I quit and re-launched Odrive 5421. I noticed in a utility I have (iStat Menus) that almost immediately a DOWNLOAD from Odrive started, but none of my new folders under Odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive uploaded . I could not tell what was downloading and that had me concerned. I DO NOT WANT ODRIVE FILES to automatically download, and have set Odrive’s Auto Download Limit to Never Download (current). I am probably not using Odrive for your Prime Purpose as I am not short of HDD space. I really am using it as a Backup device (not moving active folders under Odrive/ACDU). I just temporarily copy the folders there that I want to backup, then ‘unsync’ them after Odrive syncs them to ACDU. Perhaps your new ‘Backup - with versioning’ feature will facilitate my way of using Odrive.

  2. Odrive is not syncing with any other folders / files. IStat Menus show no upload to ACDU. I have had the new folders under Odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive for almost 2 days with no upload syncing.

3, I do see a Waiting (31) list of files in the Odrive tray menu that look strange as most have a .cloudf extension on them and none are associated with the new folders I want upload synced. The files that do not have a .cloudf extension (e.g. Google Drive, Arq Backup Data, Facebook, Videos and Dropbox) are not even folders that are under Odrive/ACD to be synced, so I do not know where they come from. There are no other ‘Lists’ under the Odrive tray.

These are the waiting “files”:

  1. Here are 3 snapshots of my parent folder, one with the full tree and two with more folder / file detail of the files waiting to be uploaded (synced).

Then the details of waiting folders:

And of what is inside one of the waiting folders:

5: I created 'odrive Test.txt, put it directly under Odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive and it did not sync. It did not add itself to the list of files Waiting (32) in the Odrive Tray.

I just sent (30 May 1:14 PM) the Odrive Diagnostics report from the Tray menu. My Odrive user name is pbbob426 at

Is there a way for me to see what is in the Diagnostics Report?


Hi @DrBob,

Thanks for providing everything in full details. I have checked the diagnostic report & tray menu screenshot and it looks like you have “paused sync” that seems to be reason files are not syncing in your desktop. Would you like to go through these steps and let me know if it resolves your mentioned problem?

Steps to follow:

  1. Open odrive tray menu.
  2. Click on “Start Sync”
  3. Give odrive enough time to pick up the changes. Also you can select your new folder(s), right-click --> refresh which will sync your new files / folders.

Please let me know if problem still persists


  • Asif

I believe Google Drive, Arq Backup Data, Facebook, Videos and Dropbox either belongs to “_Win10 alias” or “_WoW alias” folder?

If these both alias folders are added unintentionally, you can remove them.